Why Me?

Adam Pritchard ecommerce consultant

Why hire an eCommerce Consultant?

An eCommerce consultant with nearly 20 years background experience can offer knowledge and advice about your digital problems. An ecommerce expert can quickly draw upon previous solutions to provide business consulting on everything from marketing strategy and conversion optimisation to user experience.

This speed of response, experience in process and outcomes, means you stand a far better chance of solving issues or capitalising on digital opportunities than muddling away through online blogs searching for your own answers.

Some examples of consultancy work include:

  1. Launch and manage advertising campaigns

    Within my eCommerce consulting services, I can help you drive traffic to your website by a variety of means, including setting up and running your paid advertising campaigns. These could be for Search (Google Ads, Bing advertising, YouTube adverts etc), social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram adverts etc) or specific banner advertising campaigns. 

    Once the adverts have been targeted (geography, demographic, likes and dislikes) and gone live, the next part of my consultant role will be to regularly monitor performance and make any necessary adjustments to the campaigns. Although setup and targeting takes a part portion of the time, a great campaign also focusses on developing sales funnels and follow-ups to ensure relevancy and a cost effective budget spend.

  2. Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) of your store

    If your online stores is struggling to sell because your conversion rates are poor, some ecommerce consulting could help. As your consultant, I can review your current online shop and run technical data-driven tests to better understand your user journey problems - and set about fixing them. 

    The problem could as easily be on the back-end (your platform technology), as much as an issue on the customer facing site that you're not seeing. Wherever the problem lies, I will be able to identify the problem in my Online Performance Report and offer corrective action to get your eCommerce store on course for improvement.

  3. Help identify profitable and best performing products

    My ecommerce experience extends to back office operations - being able to look at your current product range and identify the kind of improvements you should be making to boost sales and or profit. 

    By researching customer behaviour and being exposed to such extensive data, I can help you refine and develop new product ranges that would benefit your online business and expand its audience. As this includes competitor analysis, I can also improve your pricing strategy to ensure clearance of stock.

  4. Realign your business to the customer

    Any ecommerce consultant should be able be able to offer your business a healthy external perspective - one that is often lost during the day to day workings of a company. My ecommerce services run deep here.

    How the customers see and interact with you, how the competitors are performing, and even how your staff could be more attuned to customer need. This forms a Success Roadmap that will help you improve both your ecommerce store and your overall business.


Client and Agency Feedback

"If you want your e-commerce or digital marketing handled by one of Manchesters finest emerging talents, then look no further than Adam. Visionary, dedicated, hard-working, and results-oriented."

Simon Nutt, Head of Marketing, Office Furniture Online

client case study quote

"As founder of the innovative architectural franchise practice Pride Road, I rely on experts in the field for help. For Web creation, seo and support I’ve turned to Adam Pritchard for help. He’s been reliable, trustworthy, creative and helped secure a strong position on Google for both my websites, prideroad.co.uk and prideroadfranchise.co.uk I would not hesitate to recommend Adam for anything website, seo and e-commerce…. And for business support!

Lisa Raynes, Director, Pride Road Architects

pride road case study quote

"Having known Adam for over 8 years, I find he has always been a reliable source for digital advice. We both worked for the same company when we first met, and Since then we have often consulted with each other for different areas of expertise. When it comes to eCommerce projects, I will always have a chat with Adam and get his professional opinion. The success he has generated across this digital sector gives me peace of mind that my clients are being given the best advice that will deliver them amazing results."

Michael Beardsell, Director, Cheshire Online

"I have found that Adam is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise; the 'go to guy' for all things eCommerce! And a jolly nice chap to go with it :)"

Davinia Hamilton-Maddox, Director, Phoenix Digital

"Adam’s enthusiasm is second to none. He was a ‘Fountain Of Knowledge’ for me when it came to software development, web development, digital marketing and strategic planning. Always approaches projects with an open view and positive ‘can do’ attitude. Honest and straight talking, Adam has a curious nature and really gets under the skin of digital projects and how he can best serve his clients. A tenacious guy you can confidentially trust and immediately like and respect from the moment you meet him."

Tony Blackhurst, VP Payments Specialist, Truevo

Tony Blackhurst case study quote

"Adam has a wealth of experience in all aspects of eCommerce, from the design and build to continual measured analysis and improvement. Over 15 years' experience in fact, helping big-brands such as 3M, Pioneer and Tesco, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his feet firmly on the ground - a great guy to work with."

Dave Bowers, Head of Strategy, Likely Story

eCommerce Expert
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

I was asked to be the Ecommerce Expert representative for the award winning Greater Manchester Chamber for 3 years between 2015 and 2018, advising and supporting member businesses through their digital transformation and journey online