Frequently Asked Questions

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Naturally I get quizzed on what I do, how much it goes and whether it delivers results. These are my answer to those valid and pressing questions

By Industry?

eCommerce, insurance, architects, High St retailers with websites, digital agencies,, public bodies...anybody that needs help and guidance online really.

By Size?

Anything from the one (wo)man band trying to launch an idea to blue chip organisations that you've probably bought from before.
I certainly can do!
More than happy to support, guide and help out with an internal marketing or web design team  - my experience running and agency helps considerably here.
Alternatively I can work with the business owner/founder to assess an internal team's work and direction, and either give strategic advice, or work productively.
Good question.
And remember - I offer all clients a Free 60min Consultation
My rates change according to the complexity of work. If you need a simple Google Adwords campaign setting up, then my fees are low. If there's a more comprehensive 10 week email marketing campaign planning and designing then that be more time and thinking, so fees are naturally higher.
If you're after a deep dive comprehensive Online Performance Report that analyses every technical, content and usability feature of your business, your competitors businesses, and makes recommendations - yes that's my premium support.
It often depends on the work you are requesting and how many other clients are ahead in the queue - I have to be fair. Once you have defined what you want from me, I will advise on both start and end dates.

In a hurry? Best to get your booking in early - you can order online.
There are two answers to this question.

Firstly, if a client has the time to listen, then I will always educate as I go along - it's important for you to understand the process, the strategy so that we can best interpret the results. and next step together. Sometimes clients don't have the time and prefer to be hands off.

Secondly, if you want specific training workshops for yourself or your team members then I am happy to quote separately for that depending on the topic. Training might be a short 60min workshop on a Zoom call, or a full 2 day session on the finer points of thinking. Your call.
Geographically I am based in Manchester, Europe's fastest growing digital city and home to the likes of Boohoo, THG and countless scale-ups and tech pioneers.
We live in a hybrid world now where plenty can be achieved virtually, though Manchester obviously has fantastic rail links to Leeds, London. Birmingham, Liverpool and plenty more great UK cities and towns.
I am the only UK eCommerce Consultant who has built and managed his own eCommerce platform Shopit, and been an agency owner handling numerous web builds and digital marketing campaigns.

There are some fantastic consultants out there - and I am friends with many of them - as we are all passionate about what we do and want to share our eCommerce knowledge.

Hire Me

I genuinely pride myself on helping businesses of all sizes and budgets, and can help with a wide range of activities from eCommerce, to digital marketing, to business back office and setup. If you are interested in hiring me, or finding out more about my services and how I can help your business, please get in touch.