Online Performance Report

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Let me take a deep dive into your online business.

This report will audit everything about your online business and those of your key competitors. Using my 20 years experience, it will review everything from search engine rankings (inc opportunities), site speed and performance, all pages' device responsiveness, user journeys and conversion flows, to security weaknesses and even typos! 

The Advanced Online Performance Report will conduct the same research for 3 of your (nominated) key competitors, so that you can a) learn from their mistakes and successes and b) get an inside track as to their advances.

A weighty document with clear actionable insights, it could alter the direction of your online business.

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Standard Report: search engine rankings (inc opportunities); technical/content suggestions for improved search engine performance; site speed and performance; all pages' device responsiveness; user journeys; conversion flows; security weaknesses. All areas will include clear recommendations for improvements.

Advanced Report: as above, inc recommendations. Will also assess 3 of your (nominated) competitors performance.