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Facebook can prove to be a powerful addition to your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook holds a huge dataset on people's likes, interests and demographics, and it allows the marketer to undertake specific targeting and not waste budget. Campaigns can be post or advert related, with the content creation finely tuned according to the niches you wish to target.

I can setup your Facebook page with some initial posts, branding and about information, which can then receive your automated posts from a social media marketing campaign.

With a Facebook Ads Campaign, I can deliver simple campaigns with one target audience (geo, demographics, interests) and one set of responsive creative content. If you want to target more niches with differing content (e.g. dog owners, cat owners) you can buy multiple campaigns at the checkout.

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Facebook Page Setup: I will create your profile, including banner and profile images (and more albums if required) labelling each appropriately. I will complete all necessary about information, (hours, descriptions etc) and post the first 10 posts for engagement (these can later be 'boosted' as adverts). 

Facebook Ads Campaign: After discussing the campaign objectives with you, I will create a Facebook Ads Campaign with one central piece of (responsive) ad content (images, copy, call to action) that targets a particular wide/narrow niche demographic. If you want to target multiple demographics (e.g. dog owners, cat owners) that require changes in images and copy, then simply change the quantity at checkout. Post campaign reporting and analysis included.