Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an essential - and highly beneficial way of reaching both new and existing customers. Social media marketing may have grabbed the limelight, but people do still read their emails...if you make it relevant to them.

Good email marketing relevancy often requires the careful capture and segmentation of customer information - which is why I recommend the use of a simple CRM alongside your email lists.

My email marketing services are listed below and range from setup, to design and send, to reporting and strategy.

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Email Capture and Lists: I will help you with the capture forms, where the information goes to, and the segmentation and organisation of your lists. This is vital to be able to send more personalised and effective messages to your contacts.

Email Design and Send: I will take your branding and messaging guidelines and turn them into a compelling email design (advising on subject message and matter too) and conduct the send to your list. Happy to vary the design slightly if you're sending to a different segmented list. Happy to create one simple follow up campaign based on the users interaction (e.g. if they click button A, send them message 2)

Email Reporting and Strategy Guidance: I will deliver the benefit of my 12 years experience in using email marketing effectively - to help get higher delivery rates, open rates and click rates. For this I need to better understand your business, your brand, the quality and range of your data and review previous email campaign reports.