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WooCommerce is the eCommerce extension of WordPress, allowing websites to be converted into (or even start as) an online shop.

With a wide range of plugins that extend its basic core functionality, it can be a powerful selling aid if built correctly. Although not the most intuitive of ecommerce platforms, it can be very cost effective with its best performance found when hosting on top class servers.

WooCommerce code can also be cuatomised and optimised to ensure a fast and secure experience for your customers. Indeed, you should be careful when adding multiple plugins in case of 'code bloat' - something I can advise on.

See below for the detailed eCommerce services offered for WordPress.

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Simple WooCommerce Site Build: 0-100(ish) products, 5-10 (ish) categories, simple template driven site with customised change to your brand, input of all your provided text and imagery content, and set up of the checkout process with email confirmations for customers.

Advanced WooCommerce Site Build: 100+ products, 10+ categories, more bespoke design according to your specifications and branding, numerous onsite calls to actions (banners, adverts, buttons etc), input and styling of all text and image content provided by you, and set up of the checkout process, and email confirmations for customers. Integration of other third party plugins (e.g. email marketing, crm links, instagram feeds etc). Full training and 3 months support provided, 

WooCommerce Site Audit: Review of your current WooCommerce website - written document (and/or practical changes if required) to ensure the website is: fully responsive, fully (and best) indexed by search engines, site speed is maximised, reductions in bad design and UX issues e.g. page shift or load delays

WooCommerce Optimisation: Action upon all items contained within the WooCommerce site audit, to improve the customer engagement with the site across all devices. Technical SEO of the site including page loads, resource optimisation, plugin changes, content recommendations and improvements, hosting changes and more