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As a UK challenger brand to the likes of Shopify and BigCommerce, you get a whole host of native features with Shopit that you don't on any other platform. You can easily launch one online store, paying only 1% + 10p on every transaction (lower than Shopfy's 2.2% + 20p for example).

Yet the real strength lies in its easy to use Multi Store features. manage a B2B and B2C eCommerce website from the same panel, or create multiple niche websites targeting different product groups (hats, scarfs, gloves) or different customer types (Mums, teenagers, skateboarders, football fans) or even different countries and currencies. 

Shopit aims to drastically reduce both upfront and ongoing costs of running an eCommerce store, whether purely financial or the costs of adding plugins, managing different software platforms etc. You get the whole sales cycle - stock management, store launch, order and customer management, fulfilment and reporting - and it's all hosted on the fast and secure Google Cloud Platform.

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Single Store Launch - your first store on Shopit will include the upload of your products spreadsheet, categorisation, simple engaging web design, forms and gateway setup, testing and training.

Additional Store Launch - once the first store is created, I can easily launch additional sites at a lower cost, given the product database is ready. Includes simple engaging site design, categorisation, forms and gateway setup, testing and training

Additional Features - if you want a more complex of compelling design and on site features, these can be quoted for separately. Adding this item to cart will mean I get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.