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Zoho is a fantastic set of apps that can connect all aspects of a business and drive it forward. Imagine sending out an email campaign (Campaigns), seeing a user's activity on your website (PageSense), before having them email/call you (integrations) and that interaction being saved on your CRM (CRM), which you then turn into a milestone led project (Projects) which is invoiced (Books) and a Zoom training call arranged (Bookings).

Given the complex nature of setup (often trial and error based on your data quality, and your specific integration requirements, I bill these services out by the day - you can see below what you would expect to see get done in that time.

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Zoho CRM - I will take your spreadsheet data and import the records, assisting you in tagging, segmenting and organising the data so that it can be effectively used later. We will integrate with other services (e.g. Campaigns, a VOIP phone service) and train you on creating views, and analysing the data thereafter.

Zoho Campaigns - I will import your spreadsheet data (or pull from a CRM), build lists and a first campaign. I will train you on how to create campaigns and send to specific segmented data (e.g. users in London, users who have visited your site) 

Zoho Books - I will set up your Zoho Books (accounting) creating invoicing templates, price lists, recurring invoices, and show you how to securely connect to your bank account for later sales ledger work. I will show you how to automate reports, create credit notes and manage customer records (inc free trials if using Zoho Subscriptions)

Zoho Subscriptions - I will connect your website (that takes orders) to the Zoho Subscription management service and show you how to set free trial periods, migrate people to paid services, and create other automations that cancel accounts, upgrade accounts and take payment with a third party payments app (e.g. Stripe)

Zoho Desk - I will help you use Desk for a) creating a knowledgeable of help articles that can be published to the web, inc its optimisation; and b) using desk for a ticketing (Helpdesk) service for users to send questions. This can also be integrating with the Zoho SalesIQ Chat service which pops up on your website front end.

Zoho Projects - I will show you how Projects can be used as a simple project management tool - creating groups of tasks, milestones, checklists. This can be integrated with Zoho CRM and Campaigns so that personalised emails can be sent out to move projects forward.

Zoho Bookings - if you offer online video calls, these can be offered via a public calendar, and organised via Bookings. The video call itself can be done via Zoho Meeting or a third party like Zoom or Google Meet - they all integrate and talk to each other

Zoho Social - if you want to send out tweets, posts and other broadcast messages all at once you can do so via Zoho Social. You can create content and send it out for the next 6 months too! Connects to all major social networks

Zoho Forms - if you want to ask questions (on your website, on a marketing campaign) as part of a sales campaign or information gathering exercise, I can create these for you in Zoho Forms. The information can then be passed into the other Zoho packages such as CRM, Campaigns and Desk.

Zoho PageSense - a great tool for anonymously viewing the user activity on your website - pages clicked, time spent, where their mouse hovered etc which can greatly assist future web design changes. A great tool to monitor the effectiveness of a social post, an email campaign and other mediums, all data is anonymous so there is no connection to the CRM specifically.