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Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms globally, allowing you to build one store per account, and extend its core functionality through a marketplace of  third party plugins. 

It's a very good starting point for many online stores, and one I can help you with. 

Services are detailed below

Size (required)

Simple Shopify site: 0-200 (ash) products, 5-10 (ash) categories, simple template based design with your branding and customisation. Entry of all provided text and image content, menus, banners and checkout setup.

Advanced Shopify site: 200+ products across 5+ categories, more custom and bespoke design according to your requirements. Integration of third party plugins (.e.g. email marketing, CRM etc) and entry of all provided text and image content. Creation of multiple calls to action (banners, buttons) and checkout setup. Full training and 3 months support. 

Shopify Optimisation: Assessme nt of your site from an optimisation point of view - plugin review, speed review, technical SEO review and other advice where applicable to make the most of your store